About MUSA

Founded in 2007, MUSA is a managed IT services company specializing in building and supporting scalable technology platforms for our partners in the Life Sciences. With over fifteen years of experience, we keep a simple principal front and center: we focus on the technology so you can focus on bringing cures to patients in need.

Our support services include a direct to engineer service desk, comprehensive cloud and on-premises infrastructure support, on-site support, a full device provisioning and inventory management service, and a dedicated strategic team for larger projects and business initiatives.

MUSA’s comprehensive technology platform allows small startups to avoid the consequences of inefficient technology while the business is trying to scale. Larger companies with existing technology environments appreciate the flexibility of MUSA’s engineering staff who can support the environment that’s already in place while bringing improvements and maturity to stabilize any existing issues.

Exceptional and dedicated people who bring a wealth of knowledge in managing quick moving and complex technology environments are at the core of MUSA. Our team will take the time to examine your business, its metrics, what is working well and what is not, and its requirements for today and the future, allowing us to align our solutions with your specific needs.

With a strong core of operations and transformational experience for small to global enterprise environments, MUSA is an excellent resource to manage, optimize, and transform your IT landscape. Our services offer the peace of mind that our customers have come to appreciate. MUSA has the people, processes, and experience necessary to provide unparalleled experience and domain expertise.

Who We Are

With over 10 years of Life Science support experience, MUSA has the expertise you need to stay ahead of emerging technologies for your infrastructure and your scientific systems.

From site moves and data center decommissioning through office expansion and infrastructure rebuilds we have you covered.

From our pricing and processes through our service delivery we’re completely transparent and focused on what’s best for you, our customer.

Meet The Team

Doug LantiguaPrincipal
Josh CampbellPartner, Chief Operating Officer
Chris RussoVice President of Operations
Jeff BeardDirector of Partnership Assurance