Architecture and Implementation

Understanding what you have, what you need, and what other companies are doing is time consuming and requires experienced resources that typically come with a high cost.

The planning phase is critical to any transformational activity in order to completely understand all the dependencies and risks associated with change. This is exactly why we have a team of highly skilled and experienced technology experts who can provide IT Architectural Services for all your transformational activities, regardless of complexity. These transformational activities include changes in strategy, introduction of new technologies, federation and cross-functional integration, and automation tasks.

For large-scale projects, our Architecture Subject Matter Experts work together to develop a complete solution and plan. Our Implementation team then works under the guidance of the Architecture team to implement and deliver these solutions.

Our Architecture and Implementation teams regularly complete projects such as:

  • Corporate office/site moves and decommissions
  • Datacenter moves and decommissions
  • VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft platform upgrades
  • Infrastructure upgrades or complete rebuilds
  • New office or site turnup and integration

Although many IT professionals lack the skills to perform complex projects such as office or datacenter moves, MUSA executes these projects regularly. Leverage our experience to help you mitigate the risk involved with large IT projects.


  • Complex Work Done Right

  • Complete Solutions Designed and Implemented

  • Transform Aging Infrastructure

  • Remove Risk From Large Projects