Laboratory Services Program

Our Laboratory Services Program extends our Managed Scientific Lab Service to upstream systems and services. The Laboratory Services Program allows us to provide an overarching, enterprise view of laboratory operations from a technical perspective. The program incorporates automation, data management, technology, and services, including:

  • Lab network design, implementation, and operations
  • Asset management and managed maintenance
  • Software support, installations, and IT life-cycle management

Lab PCs (Hardware)
Vendors often try to sell outdated or overpriced PCs along with their scientific software and instrumentation. These PCs are then purchased by well-intentioned scientists who believe they are helping their IT department by not having to bother the IT team with equipment acquisition. Because each vendor offers its own PC make and model, however, the IT team is burdened with the support and repair of potentially hundreds of different types of systems. Our standardized lab PC is compatible with the vast majority of scientific instrumentation and software and can help standardize your lab environment:

  • Specially designed for scientific analysis and data protection
    • Redundant hardware
    • Resources monitored
    • Managed antivirus configured for scientific labs
  • Compatible with most vendor supplied systems
  • Qualification packages available
  • Ongoing support and maintenance available

Data Backup and Data Integrity
Ensuring your data is backed up and easily restorable is key to keeping your business moving. We offer comprehensive solutions allowing for backup to both on-site and remote locations (e.g., in the cloud for GxP and non-GxP data).


  • Strategic and Tactical Programs

  • Optimize Lab Efficiency

  • Manage IT Change and Lifecycle

  • Secure and Protect Lab Data