Scientific Lab Inventory

Over time, many laboratories lose track of their assets. During periods of growth or increased demands on the laboratory staff, accurate asset tracking falls to the wayside because the lab staff doesn’t have time to perform proper tracking each time a system or instrument is moved. Scientists shouldn’t spend their valuable time performing inventories when there are experiments to run and discoveries to be made. Our Laboratory Services team can quickly perform a comprehensive inventory to allow your scientists not only to concentrate on science but also to know where their valuable equipment is.

Our Lab Inventory Management includes:

  • Asset tracking
  • Equipment life-cycle and aging
  • Maintenance agreement tracking
  • Supply inventory management and trending
  • Calibration and preventative maintenance schedules

An accurate, comprehensive inventory is a powerful tool to inform purchase decisions and maintenance renewals. A schedule of on-site maintenance activities will allow the bench team to better schedule activities and have increased visibility into potential interruptions to its timeline.


  • Comprehensive Inventory of Systems

  • Track Equipment and its Lifecycle

  • Schedule Activity Around Analysis

  • Increased Visibility into Lab Technology