Managed Scientific Labs

For more than 15 years, we have bridged the gap between the scientific community and company IT functions. Our highly experienced Laboratory Support team has created a service-oriented culture with a track record of bridging scientists’ needs with IT needs. We know lab operations, lab workflows, and, most important, lab etiquette. Not all scientific labs are set up or operate the same way, but they all have similar needs. Our Managed Scientific Lab Service is designed to meet those needs in a way that traditional IT-managed services cannot.

Our laboratory support framework emphasizes timely service, data protection, and data integrity. We have learned that IT service delivery cannot operate the same way in labs as it does in traditional companies. Scientific labs have instrument longevity, experiment repeatability, and compliance concerns, but they don’t necessarily outweigh the labs’ need to keep their IT footprint current. We have the experience to support all these needs, maintaining the efficiency of your lab while keeping your technology operational.

Our data and system protection solutions keep data safe and labs operational in the event of failure. Whether your system is preclinical or GxP, we have a strong understanding of the laboratory environment and can help guide technology decisions while allowing you to stay focused on your business.


  • Tested and Successful Methodology

  • Specialized Support for Labs

  • Understanding of Lab Workflows

  • Real World Proven Framework