Managed GxP Systems

Support and maintenance of GxP systems is time consuming and prone to error. Outsourcing the management of GxP systems will free internal resources from the demands of GxP regulations compliance. MUSA’s GxP is designed to be transparent to your business while maintaining the high-level controls needed for regulatory inspections.

We manage your GxP IT operations and the ongoing support of compliant systems, including:

  • GxP laboratory servers and workstations – GCP, GLP, GMP
  • GMP manufacturing systems – GMP operations, supply chain, and supporting systems
  • Clinical trials – GCP applications and systems for clinical trials; post commercialization monitoring

Our GxP Managed Service can support systems located on-site, in the cloud, or in a hosted/colocation model.

GxP systems require specialized handling, documentation, risk mitigation, and controls. With more than a decade of experience, MUSA is confident that our customers have seen the benefits of our GxP Managed Service. Contact us today to learn how you can leverage our experience to benefit your company.


  • Managed GxP Support

  • Extensive Industry Knowledge

  • Unburden Internal Resources

  • Leverage Our Experience